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Name: Eve // Seth Nightlord
Age: Appears ~15, actually ~960 years old.
Team: Jasper.

Height/Build: About 4'7" / slender and leggy.
Hair Color/Eye Color: Black / bright, vivid green.
Notable Traits: Absolutely no scars . . .

Wears a patchwork mix of Jasper's various realm uniforms.

Other: Anyone with psychic abilities can pick up some sort of faint underlying whisper of a second presence in her; it's not easy to detect, and its overriding thought is simple hunger.

Body language: Extremely casual, extremely likely to be touchy and get into your bubble by default. Confident and comfortable in her own skin. It is possible to tell when she's put-out/lying/etc. but it is very, very difficult to unless she wants you to know.
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* Grooming Mirka for her role. Speaking to Mirka, in veiled terms, of the Lost Histories, and of Abel's existence. (trivial neutral)

[Game 258 - GM game - The Darkness | Day 328 | shareable 6/7 (Jasper flower; pluck petals)]

+ Taken.

* Selling tea and trinkets in the marketplace. (trivial positive)

[Game 259 - politics - Guinevere | Day 329 | shareable 0/1 (gloves; wear and hold hands w/ two others, all will see memory)]

+ Taken.

* Serving a noble rightly suspected of treason. (trivial negative)

[Game 261 - exploration - Mira | Day 331 | shareable 2/3 (gold rings, wear, tarnish and turn to ash when used up)]

+ Taken.

* Investigating the Moldova family tomb; fleeing autojaegers; Suleyman knocking her off a cliff to a temporary death. (significant negative)

[Game 263 - treehouses - Raven | Day 336 | nonshareable (magazine page w/ relevant picture; rip out picture)]

+ Taken.

* Abel rejecting her invitation to stay. "Brother...ah. That person...is still alive." (significant negative)

[Game 264 - plant/animal/food design - Maleficent | Day 338 | shareable 2/2 (strawberry tart)]

+ Taken.

* Healing factor (terrifying). (special)

[Skill Game 45 - skillswap - Hatter | Day 323 | nonshareable (incredibly sour jawbreaker; get to the center)]

+ Taken.

* Veterinary skills, botany, plant and animal care. (mundane)

[Skill Game 46 - virtues - Handless Faith | Day 336 | nonshareable (silver locket; open)]

+ Taken.


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Eve's heart writeup!


If anyone still has lingering burning questions about stuff in the heart you can ask them in this post!
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* Being a ringleader in the Dark Ages war, which kills seven million; Earth's population is nearly decimated and many Returners also die. (significant negative)

[Game 252 - generosity/sacrifice - Mulan | Day 319 | shareable ∞ (teacup; fill and drink)]

+ Taken.


* "...you have done an unforgivable wrong to these children of mine." Destroying Radu's puppet corpse. (significant neutral)

[Game 253 - building wars - Jorgi | Day 320 | nonshareable (blue glass ball; shatter)]

+ Taken.


* Revealing herself. Suleyman's death. "Is there a child...who does not love his mother?" (significant neutral)

[Game 254 - generosity/prisoner's dilemma - Peter Cottontail | Day 321 | shareable 1/2 (egg with chocolate inside; open/eat)]

+ Taken.


* "This is no time to play king and castle, little boy." Saving Esther's life, getting told a false love story by Ion. (trivial neutral)

[Game 256 - hearts - Dream | Day 323 | shareable 2/4 (rose made of edible gold flakes; eat up to 4 petals)]

+ Taken.
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A dark veil slips over you, obscuring your vision; it’s cool and clinging, and blocks out all outside sensation. You drift downward . . . as you do, you grow more and more aware of the pulse of your own heartbeat, until it’s a ringing, unpleasant throb in your ears.

. . . after some time, it’s interrupted by a soft splash, and you feel solid rock underfoot.

((Please join #fleshbloodbone. All your character’s skills are on and uncapped; they will also have access to any items they carry normally!))
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* Bordels. (trivial positive)

[Game 240 – Taboo – Hatter | Day 303 | nonshareable (guess-the-word headband; requires second party)]

Using them for undercover shenanigans; variously posing as a client, posing as one of the employees; and using them to lead people into traps or gather information.

+ Taken offscreen.

* The death of a body double. (significant negative)

[Game 244 - spring outfit design - Maleficent | Day 311 | shareable (strawberry tart)]

An assassin is successful at assassinating the Empress, except they get Seth's current trusted stand-in instead; mourning.

+ Taken.

* Opening the secret diplomatic pipeline with with Cardinal Caterina Sforza. (significant positive)

[Game 245 - penance - Lancelot | Day 312 | shareable 2/3 (leaf with three attached berries)]

More or less a montage memory, as this covers years of work: politics, hidden messages, and the slow and cautious opening up of a narrow bridge between two very historically opposed powers, all in utmost secret. Culminates in the delivery of a missive to Caterina stating that she will be sending messengers from the Empire. Quiet hope and triumph.

+ Taken.

* The fall of the Night Lords. (significant negative)

[Game 246 - truth - Eliza's Brother | Day 313 | shareable 10/11 (slightly torn teabag of nettle tea; good for one brewing only)]

The events that end the Dark Ages War. Cain calls Lilith (who left the Methuselah on the grounds of EVERYONE IS BEING MONSTERS and championed the Terrans) to a shuttle station, purportedly for negotiations. Abel and Seth accompany Cain but are delayed on the way; when they arrive Cain has already killed Lilith by tearing off her head and absorbing her nanomachines.

Seth and Abel are horrified; there's a violent struggle, chiefly between Abel and Cain, which is cut off when Seth manages to throw a switch that sends Cain out of an airlock to burn in Earth's atmosphere. Abel retrieves Lilith's head and body, tells Seth to leave and lashes out when she tries to dissuade him, and flees the station in a ship; Seth gives chase but loses him, and is forced to go back to the Methuselah alone.

+ Taken.

* Meeting Ion and Esther in the Terran quarter; guiding them around. (trivial positive)

[Game 247 - bonds - Madame White | Day 314 | shareable 2/3 + 1 free memory share (four-layer Chinese puzzle ball; shake - an inside layer will shatter with each use)]

BEING A TROLL. Manga link, from that page to page 36.

+ Taken offscreen.

* Astheroshe's report; falling asleep in her garden. (significant positive)

[Game 248 - the burning of Camelot - Mordred | Day 316 | shareable 2/3 (snake fang; stab self)]

snip )

+ Taken offscreen.

* 'Flames of Sound.' (special)

[Skill Game 43 - problem solving gardening - Hades | Day 306 | ball of bitterly dark chocolate]

Seth's most potent special ability as Crusnik; the ability to use targeted soundwaves to reduce all organic matter it contacts into salt. An example of it being used is here.

+ Taken.
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* Meeting Abel on his way out of the questioning chambers. (trivial negative)

[Game 222 – CYOA – Merlin | Day 286 | nonshareable (cootie catcher; use)]

‘Questioning’ in this case actually means interrogation by hands-on torture; this memory is the peak definition for how Abel was as a young man and why Seth used to be afraid of him as a child, even though she also loved him dearly.

+ Taken.

* Working as a fortuneteller. (trivial positive)

[Game 226 – Dear Aather – Merlin | Day 290 | shareable 1/2 (ballpoint pen; uncap)]

Tarot, tea leaves, palm reading, crystal balls, and the fine art of sweet-talking customers.

+ Taken offscreen.

* Serving a noble wrongly suspected of treason. (trivial positive)

[Game 228 – kissing bets – Dorian Gray | Day 292 | nonshareable (chocolate lips in red foil; unwrap)]

snip )

+ Taken offscreen.

* Activating Crusnik 80% to deal with a hardliner. Requesting a redesign of the Imperial wardrobe. (significant negative)

[Game 229 – Halloween costumes – Goldie | Day 293 | shareable 3/4 (sparkling pumpkin handmirror; view reflection)]

Somewhere around the middle of her reign; in which Seth is partially baited and partially provoked into gutting and entirely draining the blood of a particularly powerful and rebellious Methuselah noble, and that noble dies calling and thinking of her as a monster. She activates Crusnik at 80%, which summons her wings and destroys her dress; the redesign ensures that her future ceremonial clothing tends toward an open back to allow for them next time.

+ :/
+ Taken.

* “Looks like…I’m hated again. Heh…” (significant negative)

[Game 230 – Lambda’s heart – Dream | Day 294 | shareable 3/4 (bag of tiny ginger gears; eat)]

Manga link; goes to the next page. A (familiar, oft-experienced) moment of heartbreak; this has happened before, but it’s still hard to handle animals she has handled and who have trusted her their entire lives having that wiped away once they see her Crusnik mode. Genuine hurt, compounded by trying to take a little comfort in Abel's presence but Abel being unable to offer her what she's asking for.

+ Taken.

* Cain’s accident; saving his life with the discovered nanomachines. (significant neutral)

[Game 231 – Cry Wolf – Gingerbread Witch | Day ~295/296? | shareable ∞ (tiny clear bottle; fill & drink)]

snip )

+ Seth might easily take this memory as ‘omg I was the cause of all the bad things I’m so terrible,’ but fortunately she is old and philosophical enough (and has regained enough of that aspect in Aather) to recognize that while she messed up severely, she was also doing the best she could do in a dire situation and couldn’t have foreseen all the crazy things that happened afterwards. So she’ll be upset but not, you know, wallowing in guilt.
+ Not taken.

* Confirmation that Cain lives; primer on the Rosenkreuz Orden. (significant negative)

[Game 235 – stat effect – Persephone | Day 299 | shareable 3/4 (chestnut; crack)]

snip )

+ Taken offscreen.

* A Returner is killed; the Dark Ages War begins. (significant negative)

[Game 237 – lost and found things – Eliza’s brother | Day 300 | shareable 2/3 (small dented candle-lantern; light)]

Seeing and participating in the violent outrage among the Returners from Mars (the fact that the single Returner’s death is an accident is unclear and/or lost in the confusion somewhere); this eventually erupts into their making a return strike against the Terrans of Earth and pitching the situation irrevocably into full-blown war.

+ Taken.

* Nearly being exposed due to use of an automata double. (significant negative)

[Game 238 – two truths and a lie – Dormouse | Day 302 | nonshareable (2” dollhouse chair; try to sit on it)]

snip )

+ Taken offscreen.

* Crusnik activation up to 80% + wings and the ability to draw Bacillus. (special)

[Skill Game 41 – Zombie Dice – Butterfly | Day 291 | nonshareable (nasturtium flower; eat)]

snip )

+ Taken.
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* Crowned Empress Augusta Vradica. (significant neutral)

[Game 209 – bingo – Unicorn | Day 271 | forced shareable 0/1 (stone; hold with other person)]

Being declared the leader of and establishing the country of the Methuselah officially. More detail here.

+ Taken.


* Sitting for a royal portrait. (trivial neutral)

[Game 210 – Guess Who – Eliza’s Brother | Day 272 | shareable 1/3 (sticky candy wrapper; lick)]

It's a watercolour. She has her veils on. Thinking back to how all portraits of Her Imperial Highness were systematically destroyed over a span of years, until only the faceless ones were left.

+ Taken.


* Explaining the ‘coexistence’ of the Empire to the bedridden Esther. (trivial neutral)

[Game 211 – foodbaskets – Gingerbread Witch | Day 273 | nonshareable (loaf of bread; eat it all)]

This page, going into the next chapter up to page 4. Seth outlines to Esther that coexistence in the Empire is achieved by all subjects, Terran and Methuselah alike, being seen as belonging to the Empress and equal in her eyes. Esther listens to this and then says that it's not true coexistence, as neither side perceives the other as equal to them and the system will collapse if the Empress ever disappears. Seth tells Esther she's very perceptive.

+ Taken.


* The last attack of the Dark Ages War. Temporary death and mourning the casualties. (significant negative)

[Game 213 – deaging – babbysonae | Day 275+ | shareable 3/5 (tomato candies)]

While traveling into the lands which will become the Empire, the camp is infiltrated and attacked by a Terran assassin converted into a biological bomb, which triggers when Seth's bodyguard kills the assassin. Her bodyguard is killed, a couple of other bystanders are killed, and Seth does die in the memory, though Crusnik puts her back together good as new in an hour or so.

+ Taken.


* “Out of the waste, a paradise.” (significant positive)

[Game 214 – Battleship – Snow Queen | Day 278 | shareable ∞ (frozen aurora; hold until numb)]

Using pre-Armageddon technology to start getting the land which would become the New Human Empire clean and habitable again.

+ Taken.


* “Is this what you meant, Lilith…?” (trivial neutral)

[Game 219 – masked ball – Odette | Day 282 | nonshareable (jasper-red cloth mask; wear)]

Seth having an introspective moment on motherhood.

+ Taken offscreen.


* Crusnik: Activation up to 40% + healing factor.

[Skill Game 38 – I’ve Never – Dorian Gray | Day 275 | nonshareable (shot glass of water)]

Activating Crusnik up to 40% allows Seth to use most of her special abilities when she earns them back (they are now unlocked on her registry.) 40% activation can be done twice in a day/sustained for up to fifteen minutes, and using any particularly powerful moves requires her to take a dose of blood beforehand. Crusnik as a headmonster is now also stronger.

Healing factor means that she will under normal circumstances recover from even extremely serious injuries within a few IC days -- but she'll be hungry afterwards.

+ Taken.


* Blood weapons.

[Skill Game 39 – prisoner’s dilemma – Three | Day 283 | nonshareable (knotted piece of twine; untangle/break)]

One of the special abilities she can now use at 40% activation. Seth can manifest her blood into forks and tridents and stab people with them! She can do other shapes, but they don't come naturally and are heavier power drains.

She usually uses blood weapons to channel other abilities rather than as weapons in and of themselves, but those other abilities are still unearned.

+ Taken.
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* Performing in the market square. (trivial positive)

[Game 200 – telephone effect – Butterfly | Day 260 | shareable 2/3 (wooden crank; turn in the air)]

Based on this artbook image. A montage of scenes of being a street performer who shows up every once in a while in the Terran areas of the city. While she is doing this for the purpose of looking out for unrest, unusual happenings, etc., this memory also contains a lot of honest enjoyment for what she’s doing; it’s closest to the kind of life she’d really rather be leading and it’s fun and less care-filled than some of her other playing-a-role memories. Also contains more of a look at this part of the city – at street level, as it were – and its people, who are mostly working-class types.

+ Two or three different street performer identities, invented names and backstories and sometimes costume and all.
+ Certain tunes and dances popular in the Terran sector of Byzantium.
+ How to play a harmonica and possibly a couple of other small instruments.
+ Mild homesickness.
+ Taken offscreen.


* Meeting her 'family' for the first time. Being frightened of both Abel and Cain. (significant neutral)

[Game 203 – words words words – Maleficent and Hatter | Day 264 | shareable ~3/4 (teabag marked MOTHER; steep)]

Being led out of her room in the lab to meet her ‘mother’ and ‘brothers,’ Lilith Abel and Cain; she warms up to Lilith almost right away but hides from Abel and Cain behind first one of the doctors and then behind Lilith. Lilith is welcoming and an easing presence; Abel is angry and distant and she feels like he’s judging her (though he lays off the pressure a bit when Lilith puts a hand on his arm); Cain is smooth and warm but she also kind of distrusts him initially because he’s standing with Abel. It’s a short visit but she’s very sleepy by the end of it; she’s still weak from the tube and activity/socializing are very tiring.

+ Not actually a very impactive memory since she already has five million quiet family feelings, but she might comment on how things changed from there.
+ Taken offscreen.


* Activating Crusnik without drinking sufficient amounts of blood and overloading it. (significant negative)

[Game 204 – Risk – Nimue | Day 264 | noneshareable (stuffed penguin; squeeze)]

What it says – shorting out Crusnik 03 accidentally when she and the other Night Lords were testing out its powers, collapsing in great pain and feeling like all her muscles are seizing and all her blood’s been set on fire. Monitoring Returner medics attend to her at the end, fortunately.

+ Knowledge of about how much she can do on x amount of blood and the consequences if she doesn’t.
+ More caution about using Crusnik in Aather.
+ Taken.


* Working in the hospital. (trivial positive)

[Game 205 – puzzles – Dream | Day 265 | shareable 2/4 (tin horse; wind base)]

A montage of working in the Terran hospitals of Byzantium, ostensibly there as a student. A lot of it is observation. Some of the scenes are detective work: monitoring certain patients who seem to be victims of some sort of poisoning and putting this together with other knowledge about a Terran-hating criminal she’s tracking down; checking the supply rooms for illegal substances; that sort of thing.

+ Some medical knowledge, though as that’s an unearned skill she won’t be able to retain a lot from the memory and will be kind of unsure about applying it since she’ll know the theory but not have the practice and surety back.
+ Taken.
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* Count Kourza goes missing from the prison ship without a trace. (trivial negative)

[Game 187 – villain kitchen - Professor Endboss | Day 245 | shareable 1/3 (water gun; spray teammate)]

Receiving a report about Count Endre Kourza. Capture successful, but when the prizon ship arrived Kourza was gone, with no leads as to what happened to him. Case still under investigation.

+ She doesn't have the rest of the context for the Kourza case, so mainly this will be confusing and disquieting.
+ Taken.


* Drinking her first assassin's blood. (significant negative)

[Game 189 - problem solving - Hua Mulan | Day 247 | shareable 1/2 (bag with palm-sized lion statues; break)]

Basically a lot of people have tried to murder the Empress for various reasons; she got into a fight with the first one, overdid it, killed the terrified assassin brutally and drained their blood dry.

+ Mild self-loathing.
+ Taken offscreen.


* Crusnik 03: initial activation. Almost going on a rampage. (significant negative)

[Game 192 - anon confessions - Hatter | Day 251 | shareable 0/1 (party cracker with a giant warning label; pull with someone who will also see the memory)]

Activating Crusnik at too high a level initially after going through the long, grueling process of absorbing it into her blood; it didn't go well. Terror and heat and hunger, coming back to herself in a bed, having lost some hours. Wreckage outside. Lilith sitting by her bedside and explaining that no, she didn't hurt anyone, but yes, Cain and Abel had had to forcibly restrain her. That they'd be more careful; that they should all take more precautions while learning to handle the changes the nanomachines wrought. Telling Lilith she understood. Crying once Lilith left the room -- none of them had problems with it; why did she lose control? Was she weak?

+ :'|
+ Taken.


* "We cannot go on this way." (significant neutral)

[Game 193 - roles and stories - Nimue | Day 253 | nonshareable (small crystal you breathe on)]

A slow buildup of memories of DEEP THOUGHT, mostly, analyzing, calculating . . . realizing that the Seth who unconditionally hated Terran had disappeared at some point, and that it was time to put the past aside and start working towards opening up the Empire and closing the distance between Terran and Methuselah.

+ Taken offscreen.


* Analyzing samples of Martian soil. (trivial neutral)

[Game 194 - causality - Butterfly | Day 253 | nonshareable (small, strangely sweet steak pie)]

+ Remembering more of her genuine interest in science! Also, spaaaace.
+ Taken offscreen.


* Reviving extinct species. (trivial positive)

[Game 196 - treasure hunt - Peter Pan | Day 255 | nonshareable (palm-sized golden treasure chest)]

+ MORE SCIENCE! Genetic engineering this time.
+ A memory of her grand palace gardens, filled with several carefully species no longer found anywhere else on Earth. Undoing a little of the damage of Armageddon.
+ Taken offscreen.


* Allowing Terran refugees into the New Human Empire. (significant neutral)

[Game 197 - Hikaru's heart - Dream | Day 257 | shareable 7/9 (miniature macarons in a box)]

A followup from 'we cannot go on this way.' A super highly controversial decision by the Empress, making speeches and etc. etc. and basically getting it through. A sense that a long time passed between those two memories for it to be made possible. Worry.

+ Taken.


* Superhuman strength.

[ Skill Game 34 – castles - Hansel and Gretel | Day 244 | stale bread ]

+ Taken offscreen.


* Stealth, spywork, lockpicking.

[ Skill Game 35 – skillswap - Mr. Right | Day 251 | bay leaf ]

+ Taken offscreen.
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* Meeting the young Suleyman on the beach. "Eh? Did you peek? Ehhh?"

[Game 181 – Battler’s heart - Dream | Day 237 | shareable 2/5 (sugar holly, 3 leaves + 2 berries)]

snip )

+ um cute
+ 10 lightheartedness.
+ 50 ALL THE REGRETS LATER ON since Suleyman grows up and eventually loses the sense of Terran and Methuselah being equal, grows bitter at the Empress, and winds up a traitor.
+ Taken.


* Feeding birds at the top of a high palace tower.

[Game 183 – fate - Odile | Day 239 | nonshareable (ruby heart to smash)]

This is just a quick quiet positive memory, and is based on this gorgeous artbook image. She goes up there for some alone time, feeds the birds, and just generally relaxes.

+ occasionally feeding the snow buntings when there’s food to spare finally?
+ but probably not near Mogget.
+ 10 naturedere.
+ Taken.


* Returning to Earth after Armageddon.

[Game 184 – cookie jars – Mother/Gingerbread Witch | Day 240 | shareable 4/4 (tea cookies)]

Coming home. Unease at what they'll find. The face of the planet is blasted. Disgust at what humanity did to itself by grabbing for power.

+ Taken offscreen.


* Crusnik activation.

[skill Game 33 – feats – Guinevere | Day 236 | ripe pear]

THE HEADMONSTER SKILL. As of Day 240 the Crusnik nanomachines have been reactivated in Seth’s blood. She is currently suffering the initial activation effects – a high fever, extreme pain and inability to get around or take in anything but fluids, her circulatory system playing perfectly visible wacky hijinks (JASPER SHE IS LYING VERY STILL WITH UGLY BLACK VEINS ALL OVER HER PRETTY MUCH), general BODILY AND MENTAL AGONY. Crusnik is a sentient thing which means she now also has it in her head screaming I’M HUNGRY I’M HUNGRY I’M HUNGRY FEED ME RIP TEAR KILL at this time and has to remember how to force it down.

When she has recovered a couple of things will be put into play!


+ Taken.
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* Confirmation that Abel lives.

[Game 179 – JabberQuest - Jabberwock | Day 232 | shareable 5/7 (small hand mirror with dark grey casing)]

+ Receiving a report on a certain agent from the Vatican's AX Division: an inordinately tall priest with blue hair and silver eyes, and confirmation that said priest addressed himself by the name 'Abel Nightroad.' Writing the agent a return letter ("You have done well.") and then just having to go collapse in her personal garden for a little while, with everyone ordered not to disturb her. "So I'm not alone after all . . . after nine hundred years you've learned to live with the Terrans too, haven't you? Big brother."

+ Knowing her age, roughly.


* Giving Ion his appointment to the Outer.

[Game 180 – cabin design - Gerda | Day 234 | shareable 0/2 (palm-sized teddy bear; squeeze)]

+ Appearing veiled before Ion Fortuna in person, noting that he's very much the image of his grandmother. Appointing him "Bearer of the Empress's Sword." Entrusting him with the task of traveling secretly to the Vatican, along with his companion Radu Barvon, and opening communications with Cardinal Caterina Sforza to finalize a treaty. Thinking he is very young for this, but that she has precious few people to trust. "Ah, what times we live in."
+ Fortuna feelings.
+ Titles.
+ Oh so she was doing something re: world peace! Good to know.
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* Decanted.

[Game 173 – apples to apples - Cheshire | Day 224 | nonshareable (orange); TAKEN]

snip )

+ 50 temporary disorientation.
+ Confirmation that she was in fact never an ordinary human; this may unsettle her internally a bit.


* Domesticity, Night Lord style.

[Game 174 – champion/seeker - Eliza's Brother | Day 226 | shareable 0/3 (jasper feather; stick behind ear)]

snip )

+ fffffamily
+ Nostalgia.


* A Methuselah funeral on the Island of Beloved Children.

[Game 176 – poison-passing - Odile and Nimue | Day 228 | shareable 2/3 (vial and goblet; to be drunk)]

snip )

+ . . . mild existential angst!?


* Lilith defecting to the Terrans' side.

[Game 177 – trust - Unicorn | Day 229 | nonshareable (fake diamond half; break)]

snip )

+ She'll conflate this with her other regained memories and realize her own point of view towards Terran must have softened, given a bit of time to absorb, but her kneejerk reaction will reflect the emotions in the memory: furious confused betrayed disgust.


* Weapons proficiency (knives.)

[Skill Game 32 - the elements of luck – Chance | Day 227]

+ Canon ability to use a variety of blades; is very good!
+ Can wield with either hand or dual wield.
+ Has a couple of smaller knives, but may consider questing for dual shortswords since they're the weapon she's most comfortable with; she's fonder of concealed weapons in Aather, though.
+ Can now wield Three's sword if she wants to I guess.
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* Visiting the Fortuna household undercover, and getting a look at baby Ion.

[Game 170 – scales - Three | Day 221 | shareable 0/3 (brass feather) ]

A memory of Seth (her name's not apparent in the memory) posing as a human servant in a fancy vampire noble mansion! 'The Fortuna household.' She cleans around the place and finds a pretext to wander out into an enclosed central garden; there, without being seen, she observes child versions of Radu and Ion -- I forget their exact age difference but they're perhaps six and eight years old. They're playing, sparring clumsily with wooden swords. She observes them carefully, is pleased to note that they're happy and healthy, and withdraws back into the house. The memory ends.

+ Fortunadere.
+ First time seeing Radu in her memories.
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* Fighting off autojaeger attack in Esther's hospital room and leaving.

[Game 130 – bargains - Sea Witch/Hook | Day 168 | shareable 3/4 (capped jar; scent of rotting fish)]

snip )

+ oh no Esther
+ A sense of pure revulsion and hatred for the one who made the jaegers (as they're basically desecrated Methuselah corpses.) Feeling like she's 'laying them to rest' by destroying them.
+ A better sense of her control over Crusnik, what it's like to use it properly. Voices in her head, immense hunger, power. She'll be better prepared for it when she gets it back as a skill.


* An introduction to the young Mirka Fortuna.

[Game 132 – pie-giving - Mother Goose | Day 170 | shareable 3/4 (blackbird-shaped whistle)]

snip )

+ Fortunadere across the generations.
+ There's a lot of trust and a lot of pleasure in this memory; it's secretive but in a useful, productive way.
+ Some etiquette knowledge, the knowledge that Methuselah don't officially become distinguishable from Terran until they Awaken at a certain age, luxury.


* "My friends call me Seth!"

[Game 168 – generosity - Kiriko | Day 218 | shareable 6/7 (jasper-colored wooden box)]

snip )

+ She's fronting really hard here; she's very sad and tired and just wants to go somewhere private, but she has to keep doing her duty. Eve can probably extrapolate she just killed someone from, you know, the blood and the way Esther and Ion are looking at her.
+ Apparently she unveils herself at some point? But she has very little context for how that happened, so she'll wonder about it.
+ Her declaration that they're friends is pretty sincere, though; this memory makes it likelier that she'll confide her real name to people she really likes.
+ 'The other messenger from the Vatican' is Abel. She wants to find him, but she's apprehensive.
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To Jasper, left in the kitchen, next to a stack of notes on cooking basics and easy dishes to prepare:

Hey, guys. I have to go for a while, but I'm not in the book or taken by the darkness, just on a trip with Miss Fox.

Be safe, do well, take care of yourselves! I've left instructions, so none of you better blow the kitchen up before I'm back!

- Eve


To Saya, tucked under her pillow. There's a necklace with it, tiny jasper beads strung on jasper-red thread:

This is for you! I hope you like it; I'm going to wear the one you gave me all through this trip! Be brave, all right? I love you and I'll be back soon.


To Swift, tucked under his pillow:

I'm kind of terrible at writing letters, so I gotta keep these short. I just wanted to say that you haven't lost another person, promise! I love you and I'll be back soon.


To Azure, tucked under his pillow:

Ah, I bet you're making a face at me right now, but I have to say it! I love you and I'll be back soon. Try not to hate it too hard . . .


To Allen, left tucked under Sapphire's door and with his name on it:

I know this is kind of weird to ask, but in the name of the friendship between our kingdoms . . . would you mind checking in on Jasper every once in a while for me? I have to go with a Persona for a bit, but I'll be back soon.

- Eve


To Blizzard, possibly delivered via another knight, and with his name on it:

I'm going to be with a Persona for a while, okay? Try not to miss me too hard! Maybe by the time I get back I'll have figured out a way to help you with the whole arcade thing. XOXOXO!

- Eve
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* The Returners begin to mutate in Earth's environment.

[Game 124 – the rebalance - Three | Day 157 | shareable 9/10 (jasper-red drop spindle)]

snip )

+ Really, what makes a monster?
+ Has enough back to realize they didn't find a cure – that this is part of the origins of the Empire she rules now.
+ More awareness of herself as someone who grew and developed into who she is now rather than someone who has always been the current 'Seth' or 'Eve.'
+ Knows her real name -- will continue not to use it.
+ Not fear/dislike of sunlight precisely, but more likely to catch sleep in catnaps during the day and be up at obscene hours during the night.


* Leaving Earth for Mars.

[Game 126 - teamness – Cheshire | Day 162 | nonshareable]

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+ The same note of awareness as in the previous memory; since she'll be taking both at the same time, they reinforce each other.
+ More interest in the physical reality of other worlds (space travel! etc) rather than only in the magic nexus thingermajibbet Aather has going on.
+ Family feels.
+ Generally no outward change, just . . . perspective.


* Receiving Crusnik and almost dying.

[Game 128 - trials – Queen of Hearts | Day 166 | shareable 3/4 (heart-shaped jam tarts)]

snip )

+ fjrk;slflkdfl##@@#22kljd
+ G...getting on that Methuselah blood quest ASAP!

* Flawlessly acting in roles.

[Skill Game 23 - two truths and a lie – Kitsune | Day 165]

+ The ability to slip 'into character' as her various personas and hold it indefinitely; the ability to switch between one persona and another without any clumsiness or hesitation; the ability to hide.
+ Generalized acting etc. etc. if she has to act a part for a game or something and she's sufficiently motivated (not always the case, she can be kind of lazy) she will play that role to the hilt.
+ Includes costuming and general disguise knowhow, though she doesn't see a lot of point in Aather and might not do much with this part of it except maybe in games.
+ It is now . . . ridiculously hard to tell she is lying unless she wants you to know she is lying and/or you have superhuman abilities to tell. All the accidental slips/tells she had are either gone or no longer accidental whups.
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